Detroit Survivor

Welcome to “Detroit survivor” page I hope you all enjoy the products please fell free to contact me for any information, question and concerns thank you also please get involved with our blogs we want your insight and also,

This is  Detroit Survivors official website the new hottest Gear in Detroit with my one of a kind designs and gear. The only place to get Detroit survivor gear!!!

Interested in my designs email me at

Detroit Survivor

Black white d skyline

American Flag T.png

Color Detroit american Falg T


American Flag War Script Color

The choice to serve and protect is deferent for everyone for us its easy a selfless, obligated, glory, or a sacrificed choice, your choice is your own. For all I pray glory and understanding, and the few still standing let us not remain quite but instead let us be the face of the forefront for a strong but divided nation. let us come together to regain a once prosper nation under god and expel the powers foreign and domestic that are driven to divide, separate and take away our freedoms for their own gain. If we do not I fear we will lose all aspects of our once great nation, the promises and born rights  are fore fathers set for us. We the people have an obligation a right to the people let us not forget that.


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